Tasting Table

Taste Regular selections

Taste Regular selections

Every selection you receive from the Tasting Club contains tasting notes and a scorecard. You’ll discover the various latest recipes we’ve created for our Classic, High Cocoa, Mellow, Fortified and Rabot boxes. We want to hear what you think of these new recipes to guide us on future tasting boxes but also what chocolates we send into the Hotel Chocolat range. Just score or send your comments online at hotelchocolat.com/score

Come to one of the Tasting Club members only events

You could also join one of our regular live club tasting events in London. You can try the latest selections with like-minded cocoa enthusiasts, join one of our meet and greet events and say hello to friends and chocolatiers, discuss recipes, ideas and hear from our experts. Check out the latest Tasting Club events at hotelchocolat.com/tcevents

Win a trip to our Cambridgeshire Kitchen

Every month we’ll be inviting a member to join us to taste our brand new recipes at our Cambridgeshire Kitchen during a hands-on session with our chocolatiers, sharing your views and rating chocolates. Give a green card for “approved” or red card for “try harder”. Plus you’ll enjoy a factory tour at the end of your tasting sessions. To be invited, all you have to do is send in your scores and reviews!

Got your own Tasting Team together? Print more Tasting Cards below.