Channel 4 x Hotel Chocolat

Catch up on All 4 to see what happens behind the scenes at our ‘chocolate factory’. From sophisticated efforts to improve sustainability to how we create new recipes and why our Easter Eggs are made for the spotlight, there's a world of Chocolat to explore.

Hotel Chocolat at Easter Channel 4
The Patisserie Ostrich Egg

Our Patisserie Ostrich Egg

As big as a real ostrich egg, and packed with treats from our iconic patisserie range.

Black Forest Gateau

From Northern Germany to the Velvetiser and beyond, this classic flavour combo is a legend for good reason. Coming soon to Velvetised Cream.

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The Patisserie Ostrich Egg

We do 100% ethical cacao

We believe in doing the right thing from root to wrapper. We source our cacao from fairly-paid farmers who are empowered to employ sustainable farming practices that put climate and community first.

We have robust, transparent programs to ensure that we tread lightly on the planet and treat people fairly.

That’s why we can confidently say our cacao is 100% ethical.

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