The Best Hot Chocolate On The Planet

As nights draw in, and breath becomes mist in the air, it’s time for the best hot chocolate on the planet. Ours has nothing to hide: no additives, no hidden nasties, just pure grated chocolate in comforting steamed milk. Now available with a side of skating…

As served at Winter's best venue

Twinkling lights, wobbly and pirouetting skaters, and a 30 foot Christmas tree – all overlooked by the gothic grandeur of the Natural History Museum. Our Chocmobile has arrived. Now serving the best hot chocolate on the planet, daily. To skate, or not to skate, that is the question.

The roots of hot chocolate

This historical venue demands the question, what is the origin of hot chocolate? Theobroma Cacao from the Greek ‘food of the gods’ is a fitting description. The Mayans worshipped xocolatl (or bitter water) made with crushed cocoa, cornmeal, water and chilli pepper. To create foam they poured liquid back and forth between bowls from a height – like an ancient barista.

Cocoa as currency

Cocoa was thought so precious, the Aztecs used it as currency. If you were a trader, it was likely you’d be bartering with a bag of cocoa beans, their equivalent of coins. So sipping xocolatl was a statement that you’d arrived in society. Cocoa had kudos.

Want your own cocoa currency? Look out for our new Christmas Chocolate Coins which we had to count in cocoa beans!

Cocoa on the march

Aztec warriors were powered by cocoa. Drinking chocolate was a regular part of military rations; every soldier on a campaign received ground cacao pressed into wafers, ready to mix into water. Ideal for an emergency energy lift on the march.

A powerful elixir

It was the Spanish who first recorded the difference cocoa made. One of the earliest descriptions comes from writings published in 1556 by a man known to scholars as the ‘Anonymous Conqueror’, an adventurer connected to Hernando Cortés.

“This drink is the healthiest thing, and the greatest sustenance of anything you could drink in the world, because he who drinks a cup of this liquid, no matter how far he walks, can go a whole day without eating anything else.”

Now a Winter pick-me-up

Not sure about a whole day, but cocoa is a powerful elixir. Packed with the likes of theobromine, a natural stimulant, mood improving endorphins and antioxidants. There’s a good reason why we warm our hands round hot chocolate in winter, cocoa provides a natural lift to help us march on through snow, sleet or slush.

The best hot chocolate on the planet

Bold. But true. And the premise is simple. More cocoa, less sugar. We dial up the cocoa in our hot chocolate, 100% tops the scale, made with beans grown on our estate in Saint Lucia. The ingredients? Grated flakes of our chocolate, with no artificial anything. Nature provides our best raw ingredient – cocoa.

Served at more cafes than ever

Come in from the cold for some respite from Christmas shopping in our 25 cafés serving our new winter hot chocolate with cocoa whip. Your haven for seasonal sanity.

A welcome from David…

“We’re serving some seasonal specials. The delicate warm hit of Winter Spice or Salted Caramel and Clementine. Clementine is new for this year and evolved from our mandarin hot chocolate, which performed really well. We knew the flavour would be enhanced with clementine, so we’ve fine-tuned the recipe.

Our most popular year round? Salted Caramel and 100%, we serve eight varieties of hot chocolate in our cafés with one or two seasonal extras.

The difference? Real chocolate flakes, made fresh to order.”

How to make hot chocolate at home

We don’t settle for alkalized or ‘Dutched’ cocoa powder (washed with a potassium carbonate solution) or pallets of chocolate (too big and time consuming to melt). This is flaked chocolate you can make in minutes, here’s how…

• Gently heat milk in a pan

• On a low simmer pour in your hot chocolate flakes of choice

• Mix with a plastic whisk

• Watch the chocolate melt away in seconds

• Pour and enjoy hot

Join us at London's best Christmas venue

Skate or spectate? Overlooking the bustling ice at the Natural History Museum our hot chocolate is exclusively served by our Chocmobile team. Warming vegan-friendly options include coconut milk, try brownies better than homemade or Ice Cream of the Gods, real Jersey milk infused with cocoa nibs finished with a chocolate shard.

Pictures please! Don’t miss London’s best Christmas photo opportunity. Hot chocolate at the Chocmobile, framed by trees wrapped in lights and ice skaters gliding past or holding on!

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…Or joing us at 25 cafes across the UK

Can’t make it to London? We’re serving up seasonal hot chocolate topped with a delicate chocolate snowflake and cocoa whip in our 25 cafés across the UK. Alternatively take the nip out of frosty winter walks and whisk one up at home, from Salted Caramel and Clementine to Chilli Hot Chocolate (slouchy socks and sofa optional).

As chocolate flakes melt… ‘tis the season.

Five star winner in The Guardian online

Our Milky Hot Chocolate wins the ‘Great Christmas Taste Test 2017’

“A proper hot chocolate. Milk to chocolate balance is really nice.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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