Is chocolate good for studying?

19 Mar 2020

Food + Drink

For most of us, chocolate is a reliable treat to fall back on to get us through those long, tedious nights of studying. But does it actually improve our study skills, or is it just a tasty snack to take the edge off revision?

Everyone has their go-to food that they reach for when studying. For many, chocolate is a great motivator – its delectable taste and creamy texture can make even the grittiest paper slightly more enjoyable. Whilst chocolate might be a quick fix to spur you on through the night, there are reports that it can actually improve your performance when studying.

The link between chocolate and academic success might be less abstract than you would think. According to a 2012 study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, countries where chocolate consumption is highest have the most Nobel Prize winners. Although this might be a mere coincidence, it does evidence that there is some pattern between eating chocolate and achieving goals.

Is chocolate good for you?

Chocolate is seen as an indulgence, and something which should not be eaten too frequently. Whilst this is true with high-sugar content chocolate bars, dark chocolate, with low sugar levels and a high cocoa percentage, are actually reported to have some health benefits, even if the calorie content is the same as other chocolates.

According to the Harvard Medical School, dark chocolate is rich in flavanols, a plant based substance that can have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This means that consuming dark chocolate on a regular basis whilst studying isn’t as unhealthy as you might initially think.

Is all chocolate good for studying?

Whilst there needs to be more research around this, there have been reports that eating chocolate does actually improve your study performance. However, it seems that this is only applicable to some chocolates. As milk and white chocolate contain a lower amount of flavanols, they have fewer benefits than dark chocolate. It seems that the higher the cocoa percentage, the more likely you are going to reap the positives that chocolate allegedly has to offer.

In May 2017, Frontiers of Nutrition reported that short-term consumption can prove beneficial. A study of young adults in 2011 found that memory and reaction time was improved two hours after eating dark chocolate, as opposed to consuming white chocolate. This is great news if you’re a last minute crammer, and our Dark Tiddly Pots are the perfect way to give yourself a cocoa booster.

If you’re a chocolate addict, then consuming dark chocolate over a long period of time has also been reported to have some benefits. One 2014 study found that, amongst adults, those taking cocoa supplements with high levels of flavanol had better performances on memory tests, in contrast to those who ate low-flavanol products.

Does it improve your mindset?

With studying, being in a good mindset can make a huge difference in how well you study. Revising for a test can be very stressful and if you let this stress take over then it is likely that you’re not going to perform as well as you could. According to studies done at Loma Linda University, high cocoa chocolate can significantly reduce stress levels. This is because cocoa contains magnesium, a compound renowned for aiding relaxation within individuals. 

Whilst chocolate makes us all happy, there could actually be a scientific reason behind this. According to NAU Canada, chocolate enhances the production of endorphins, which trigger positive feelings in your body.. Again, this tends to be more prominent in dark chocolate, although if you prefer a sweet hit of cocoa then our Honduras 65% Supermilk Chocolate is rich in cocoa, aiding the flow of endorphins, without the bitter accents of dark chocolate.

Whilst there are some health benefits surrounding dark chocolate, which can be good for studying, more research needs to be done to show that there is concrete evidence around the matter. Whether or not you think chocolate can improve studying, it will always act as a good motivator and, if you want to give a good luck gift or congratulate a loved one for all their hard work, our Exam Gifts are a great way to reward determination and perseverance.