17 Feb 2017

Food + Drink Partnerships Roast and Conch

Our chef extraordinaire dreamed up the dessert that the stars will dine on after the BAFTAs. Now you can try it for yourself…

On February 12th London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall played host to a gathering of Hollywood’s best and brightest. The likes of Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal and Viggo Mortensen graced the red carpet before stepping inside for one of the most glamorous evenings in the film industry’s calendar: the British Academy Film Awards.

Golden masks handed out and lives and careers changed forever, the attendees were whisked away to the renowned BAFTA dinner, where celebrations continued over a menu fit for the A-list. Taking pride of place for the seventh year running was a dessert from our own chef extraordinaire – and you’ll soon be able to follow in the footsteps of the stars with a serving of your own at one of our restaurants.

The best for the best
It should come as no surprise that the BAFTA dinner is designed to impress with its quality and innovation. The menu was created in collaboration with the Head Chef at dinner venue the Grosvenor House Hotel, the Executive Chef of BAFTA’s Members Club, 195 Piccadilly and our very own David Demaison.

Following the first two courses came David’s spectacular dessert, the Light White Raspberry & Blueberry Crémeux with 65% Buffalo Supermilk and Granola Sablé Crumble. As you’d expect from a dessert crafted for the A-list, it’s made with some of the finest ingredients in the world.

“When I was creating this dessert, I knew that I was only interested in using one of our most distinctive chocolates for the BAFTA VIPs,” David explains. “That’s why I used 65% Buffalo Supermilk Saint Lucia chocolate; it’s made with some of the best cocoa on the planet. The flavours are multi-layered, which adds a delicious complexity and complements the raspberry and blueberry flavours of the crémeux perfectly.”

The guests weren’t the only winners present on the night: the chocolate itself had already taken home an Academy of Chocolate Award and is just one of our premium Rare & Vintage bars, a gift box of which was also gifted to the BAFTA nominees in their goody bags. Our Rare & Vintage chocolate goes from bean to bar in our small-batch roastery, where we tease out the flavours of cocoa from six different countries, unblended to respect the nuances of each harvest.

Now you’re the VIP
Now it’s your turn: from Tuesday 28th February, for a limited time only, you’ll be able to try the BAFTA Light White Raspberry & Blueberry Crémeux for yourself when you visit one of our restaurants – Rabot 1745 in London or Roast+Conch in Leeds. The silky raspberry and blueberry crémeux combines with a nibbly granola sablé crumble for the perfect crunch, while the 65% Buffalo Supermilk chocolate mousse brings creaminess and complex Saint Lucian cocoa flavours. Well, if it’s good enough for the A-list…

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