10 Years at Hotel Chocolat Watford

8 Aug 2014


Hotel Chocolat’s Watford store manager, Jenny, has been with the company since we opened our first retail site 10 years ago! We caught up with her to find out some of her highlights of the last decade.

What’s your very first Hotel Chocolat memory?

Probably setting up the selector bay the day before we opened. I was staring at all of the packets as I put them on the shelf thinking…..I need to try this one…and this one!! I had never seen a chocolate shop before and never heard of Hotel Chocolat. Their concept amazes me still to this day, It is so original and I love the success it has had and continues to have. I remember walking passed the hoarding and thinking ‘What on earth is that? A whole shop of chocolate? I have to work there!’

How has the company changed in the past 10 years?

It has definitely become more commercial as it has grown, and the products have developed over the years. It has always been exciting though; there is always that feeling of ‘what’s next?’, and I still don’t want to miss a thing! I am glad we are making things more simple as I do feel sometimes we can over complicate when our products and service speak for themselves. I am a bit of a secret hoarder and kept all the brochures since we opened. It is lovely to see where we were and where we are now, such as Hot chocolate used to come in solid balls of chocolate and now they are decadent flakes. It also has a structured recruitment plan rather than a chat with Angus on a bench in the shopping centre!

Chocolates at Hotel Chocolat

Which chocolate is your all time favourite?

There have been so many over the years! But I think my first ‘Favourite’ one was Praline Fish which we used to sell in an impulse bag for £3.95. The Chocolate Labrador with bones comes a close second!

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