2 May 2017

Boucan St Lucia

That magical moment when the water heaves and parts. We go on a boat tour from a dock beneath Boucan, our hotel in Saint Lucia aboard the aptly named Boucanier II to spot water-blowing whales and diving dolphins.

Take a boat from Boucan

Did you know you can stay at Hotel Chocolat’s hotel? It’s set high among the rainforest and sun-dappled cocoa groves of Saint Lucia’s oldest plantation, Rabot Estate. Boucan (French for drying room, used for our cocoa beans) lies on the southwest side of Saint Lucia. It’s a truly special place where you’re surrounded on all sides by big, dramatic nature and one of the most spectacular views in the world overlooking the volcanic Piton Mountains. Watch their appearance change from verdant green at sunrise to smouldering silhouettes at sunset.

You’ll feel transported, treat yourself to a soothing Cocoa Juvenate Spa treatment or sink into our infinity pool “one of the best in the world…” – Harper’s Bazaar. Take a tour, walk the cocoa trails… or spot a whale!

See another side of the island aboard the Boucanier II…

Tropical waters

Being so close to the equator results in warm tropical waters – the perfect balmy temperature to explore coral reefs – and attract whales. Average daytime temperatures of 29̊ C make it ideal for whales migrating from the Arctic. Warm water also provides a playground for dolphins. So keep your eyes on the shifting sea.

Whale watching, dolphin diving

Climb aboard and discover our Whale & Dolphin Watching tour. Our captain navigates to the ideal location then scans the horizon for plumes of water from a blowhole, or unusual patterns on the surface. Breaking through the waves you may spot a heaving humpback or pilot whale. Playful bottlenose or fraser dolphins often leap ahead of the bow and jump over the wake of the boat. It’s all a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Other passers-by can include flying fish!

Beyond whales, take a tour…

Sunset Cruise: past the majestic Pitons, when the sun is low and the evening trade winds are blowing. You might even spot the elusive ‘green flash’ known as the ‘twilight of the gods’.

Underwater Explorer: explore rich and varied reefs, with shoals of tropical fish including the coral gardens by Gros Piton and Jalousie.

West Coast Raiding Party: we take in the west coast of the island and a spot of lunch at Jambe De Bois (named after a wooden-legged pirate who used to ambush sail boats).

Saint Lucia is rich in wildlife. Raise your eyes to the sky and it’s just as fascinating, from diving bats at dusk to darting birds…

A twitcher’s tropical paradise

There’s certainly plenty to spot, dense undergrowth and verdant plants provide berries and fruit for many local and visiting birds. Saint Lucia lies in the Caribbean flyway and is a pit stop for oceanic migratory birds between North and South America. Each year the island welcomes 300 different bird species – a lot of visitors.

Volcanic spires: Gros Piton and Petit Piton

The defining image of Saint Lucia. We are exactly ‘in between’ the majestic Piton Mountains. Petit Piton is 2,461 feet, while its taller neighbour Gros Piton is 2,616 feet. Our sunset cruises and whale watching trips are presided over by these two towering shards of volcanic rock. Justifiably they have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site (and so famous their twin peaks appear on the country’s flag).

…finally frogs

Tree frogs provide a soundtrack to your stay, at dusk their croak is like a whistling tropical bird. So relaxing we had to pipe their call into our restaurants, in Saint Lucia and London!

With so much to explore, when are you going? See what our guests say and book a stay at Boucan.

Want a taste of Saint Lucia that’s closer to home? Try our new cacao inspired menu at Roast+Conch Leeds or our bustling Borough Market restaurant, Rabot 1745 .

The whales can’t wait to see you.