About Our Loyalty Trial


About the Trial:



The ancient Mayans used cocoa beans as currency, and we’ve brought them back into circulation! We are delighted to announce that our Loyalty Trial Scheme will be continuing until we launch our full Loyalty Scheme. You’ll continue to earn a Cocoa Bean for every £1 you spend in-store and online, and when you’ve got 100 Cocoa Beans we’ll send you a reward!


As a member of the Loyalty Trial, when you shop online your points are automatically added to your account, and when shopping in-store simply presenting your loyalty card at the point of purchase will earn you the relevant amount of Cocoa Beans.


When earning Cocoa Beans on an order that contains a discount, the number of Cocoa Beans you receive is based on the final transaction value. You can only earn a maximum of 100 Cocoa Beans per transaction and you can collect them in-store, online and in our cafes and restaurants. Cocoa Beans cannot be collected on purchases of Gift Cards and eGift Cards.


Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your account or your Loyalty Card – you can get in touch with someone via any of the methods on our contacts page.


We’d really like you to be able to check your Cocoa Beans balance online, but we can't do that just yet, sorry! Instead, keep an eye out for an email from us with a running total twice monthly so you’ll know when you’re approaching 100.


All that’s left is to start earning your Cocoa Beans!




These terms and conditions, in conjunction with the privacy policy, are applicable across the Hotel Chocolat Loyalty Trial scheme and any participation is considered as acceptance. Additional terms and conditions may be in place for optional elements of the scheme. Members participating in the optional elements of the scheme will be considered as having accepted the additional terms and conditions. Hotel Chocolat Loyalty Trial will run from 16/03/15 – 30/04/17 unless otherwise stated. Applications to join are subject to availability. Members are only entitled to one Loyalty account each, registered to their own email address. Hotel Chocolat reserves the right to refuse, merge or close additional accounts at any time. The Loyalty Trial account, card, points and eGift cards in whatever form, are issued by and remain the property of Hotel Chocolat which may, at any time, terminate the scheme or alter or amend the conditions of operation of the scheme. Members must register their personal details and keep Hotel Chocolat informed of any changes. Hotel Chocolat cannot be held responsible for any loss of points or eGift cards incurred as a result of out of date details. Two members who have Loyalty accounts registered at the same email address may experience points being accumulated and counted as one single account. Hotel Chocolat cannot be held responsible for any loss to either account member as a result of accumulated points. Members can choose to leave the scheme at any time. By leaving the scheme members forfeit the right to any points or vouchers already accrued or issued. Hotel Chocolat reserves the right to cancel scheme without notice. The Hotel Chocolat loyalty trial is not open to employees of Hotel Chocolat. 1 point is awarded for every full pound spent. Maximum transaction value for points collected is £100, per day. Hotel Chocolat may set a limit on the number of times points may be awarded for promotional items on which additional points are available. Individual promotions may have different limits as communicated in their purchase conditions. Any participation in promotional offers above and beyond what could objectively be considered consumer behaviour or personal use may be considered as abuse of the scheme. Card may take up to two weeks to be delivered for online applications. Valid in Hotel Chocolat shops and on www.hotelchocolat.com only. Delivery charges are included in points collection. Email address for Loyalty sign up must be the same as registered online account email in order to collect points in store and online at www.hotelchocolat.com Hotel Chocolat will send regular point updates via email. Hotel Chocolat eGift cards will be sent with a statement to members who have accumulated a combined total above the qualifying threshold by the end of each collection period. The current qualifying threshold is 100 points. Points not collected on any transactions for Boucan. The scheme is only for personal and consumer use. Loyalty cards cannot be used for any business transaction or purpose. Points are not gained on Gift Card, eGift Card, corporate, event or hotel purchases or products purchased through concessions. Points can only be applied at the time of original transaction, and cannot be added to a loyalty card thereafter (i.e. forgotten card). £5 eGift voucher awarded once £100 has been spent. Points that cannot be converted into Hotel Chocolat eGift cards because they are below the qualifying threshold will be 'carried forward' as the starting balance(s) for the next collection period. At the end of the Loyalty trial period Hotel Chocolat will send a reward to members who have reached 75 or more points. eGift voucher sent within 14 days of reaching £100. Normal Hotel Chocolat eGift card terms and conditions apply. £5 eGift voucher cannot be used online without registering an online account. No cash alternative. To be part of the Hotel Chocolat loyalty trial you must be a UK resident and 16 years of age or over. For lost or stolen cards please contact loyalty@hotelchocolat.com The promoter of Hotel Chocolat Loyalty Trial is Hotel Chocolat, Mint House, Newark Close, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 5HL.