"The more chocolate I taste, the more I just love simplicity. I know from correspondence that I am not alone. But simplicity demands that each element is of the highest quality – think sashimi! Raw, unadorned, it only works when the fish is so fresh, you can taste the sea. This Rabot Club stands for the same principles, working with the highest quality cacao we can obtain (or grow!) served super-simply. Running our own cacao plantation has brought us a higher level of knowledge and skill which, dare I say, is sometimes lacking in chocolate making generally. Looking forward to tasting together and proving the last sentence!"

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Angus Thirlwell
Co-founder & Chief Executive

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Beautiful forms for Beautiful chocolate
Just some of what’s to come in your Rabot Selections

OUR LARGE BAR ( 70 g )
Cast with fluid lines and a cacao pod grooved texture, these bars enable us to feature tempered chocolate with a clean, sharp snap.

OUR SMALL BAR ( 35 g )
A petite version, enabling us to feature more varieties of cacao when we have a clutch of great harvests to choose from and we want you to taste them all.

Cacao blended with nuts until smooth, literally melting like butter in the mouth. Known as gianduja, we pour it into a log-shaped mould for you to turn out and slice. Different cacao origins offer differing flavour partnerships which we explore with a careful respect for the pre-eminence of the cacao.

All about the balance between shell and filling. Too thin and it’s all a bit rich, too thick and the equilibrium of flavours isn’t right. These sculptural moulds enable us to get it just right.

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