The Excellence Collection 2016

Celebrating the year’s finest chocolates – as chosen by you

It's all about your highest-scoring recipes...

Crowds have gathered. Flashbulbs are popping. A-listers line the red carpet. It can only be the Tasting Club’s event of the year: the Excellence Collection – our star-studded gathering of your top-scored chocolates from the last 12 months.

The Excellence Collection comes in our Classic, High-Cocoa, Mellow and Fortified genres - if you're on our VIP list we'll send you the style you normally prefer. Inside you’ll find the best chocolates in up to 14 different categories, including our Chocolatiers’ Favourite, Angus’ Top Rated (hand-picked by our co-founder Angus Thirlwell) and the Supreme Champion – the highest-scoring chocolate of all.

Each category is fiercely contested, with only the highest-scoring chocolates being awarded a place in the box. Here’s a sneak preview of this year’s winners:

What members loved about last years selection...

  • quote Surely the most excellent box of chocolates ever!
    Enid Barlow - Lincolnshire
  • quote This is my favourite selection ever! So many wonderful chocolates, I loved them all.
    Edwina Henry - Derby
  • quote This was the BEST Excellence selection ever! I could have given several 10 stars. Many many thanks!!
    Heather Parr - Liverpool
  • quote Every chocolate scored 10 out of 10 or more in our house. Excellence indeed!
    Tim Stockil - Buckinghamshire