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People have adored cocoa for more than 3,000 years, but it was only in the last 500 that we started to get sweet on it. Long before anyone added a grain of sugar, cocoa beans were loved simply for their deep, savoury richness.

They were roasted, shelled and eaten like nuts, and crushed for use as an infusion, garnish and subtle spice. That's what our chefs love doing in the kitchen at our Boucan Restaurant in Saint Lucia, where they use freshly roasted cocoa beans grown on our own estate. Surrounded by cocoa, they've developed an intimate feel for how its rich tones and deep notes play with other flavours, creating beautiful harmonies of taste and an exciting style of Anglo-Saint-Lucian cuisine you simply won't find anywhere else. That is, until now…

Inspired by Boucan, we've created our Cocoa Cuisine range – a pantry full of snacks, condiments, biscuits, drinks and first-class ingredients for you to use in your own kitchen, each one enhanced by clever twists of roasted cocoa and the freshness of a Saint Lucian herb garden. We take the same pride in our Cocoa Cuisine range as in our chocolate, working only with top-notch artisanal producers who work in small batches with the finest ingredients. So it might look familiar, but our tangy and versatile Savoury Cocoa Mayo – enriched with crushed cocoa nibs – will take your salads and sandwiches to lush new heights other mayos will never see.

Our Cocoa Pesto combines the nutty flavour of roasted cocoa nibs with rough-chopped basil, pine nuts and Italian cheese so fabulously you'll find it hard to stop dipping straight from the jar while there's still enough left for dinner with pasta. And who else but a chocolatier would have thought of a White Chocolate Horseradish – an ingenious balance of feisty, fiery sharpness and soft, subtle sweetness so deviously delicious you must try it with salmon and beef.

We've also made a small-batch Cocoa Beer – no, it isn't sweet – a rich and malty Porter-style English ale infused with cocoa shells left over from making chocolate; and an elegantly cool and crisp Cocoa Gin, infused with botanicals that grow wild in Saint Lucia, all singing to the bass rhythms of cocoa and macadamia nut.

We've also selected the ideal wines, coffee and ports to pair with our chocolate, and a trio of superb handmade shortbread biscuits inspired by a Saint Lucian recipe book, including the fabulous Cocoa Grower Biscuits, with roasted cocoa nibs and warming hints of Caribbean spice. Come and explore our pantry and you'll find much more!

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