Tree to Bar Experience

An amazing experience...

If you'd like to get out and explore your surroundings, there's a wide range of experiences for you – from gentle, self-guided strolls through our cocoa groves, to climbing the Pitons and exciting sea adventures! Can be pre-booked or booked on your arrival.Or try our signature experience…

Please be aware that the terrain at Rabot Estate is potentially dangerous for children (high elevation, steep inclines, rocks). We welcome children on our experiences and restaurant but must insist that they are not allowed to run around without parental supervision.

Unique only to the Rabot Estate, and drawing on our expertise as a chocolatier as well as a grower, the Tree to Bar is an exclusive opportunity for guests to create their own chocolate! The Tree to Bar experience starts with guests walking on the estate cocoa groves selecting ripe cacao pods cut from the tree, and ends with making their own chocolate bar from beans that guests have roasted themselves. The tour includes all the stages in between: seedling nursery, fermenting room, sun-drying station, grinding, mixing and lots of tasting!

Available: Monday - Friday except bank holidays
Start time: 9.00am (includes 1 hour nursery tour + 1 hour of chocolate making)
All tours need to be pre-booked
External guests: Please ring our Front Desk team to make a booking- 758 572 9600/9601
Internal guests can book on arrival
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