London - Westfield

Store Manager

Our Store is Located in shopping Centre in Westfield White City.
The Centre features 255 stores and growing. We are located on the upper Level towards the village area. If you love Dark/Milk/White/Vegan/Vegetarian chocolate or may be a gift we have it. Perhaps you fancy something to nibble on, please come visit our beautiful store as we always have something for you to try!

My Favourite Product
Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure

This product is very entertaining and suitable for both families and groups of friends of all ages, from children to adults. With four pots of chocolate and a nice range of both sweet and savoury selections to dip crackers, biscuits, marshmallows and so on - , The Large Dipping Adventure guarantees a complete experience with melted white, milk, caramel, dark and chilli dark chocolate. It is the perfect product to enjoy a great time and have fun with loved ones.

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