London - Regent Street

Marybeth Ali

Store Manager

Come and discover our wonderful new store right in the heart of Regent Street. Allow us to be your host whilst you escape to our wonderful world of chocolate. Happiness is key, so come and take a moment out of your busy day and indulge in something new. Our passionate team at Regent Street will always be on hand to guide you; be it chocolate gifts, something from our fabulously unique cuisine range, or just a treat for yourself!

My Favourite Product
The Everything Collection

Need a gift? We've got it all wrapped up! The Everything Collection is perfect for any occasion. Elegantly ribbon-wrapped, it contains a selection of some of our best-selling chocolates. From our smooth & creamy 40% Milk Chocolate puddles through divine fruity Cheesecakes to the decadent Shortbread Billionaire truffles, this collection really does have it all!
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Everything Collection