Rare & Vintage

The Vision

20 bars. 6 countries. Upgrade to the best chocolate on the planet.

We believe that eating chocolate should be a beautiful experience. It's how the name Hotel Chocolat originated. Aspirational and luxurious, it expresses the power that chocolate has to lift you out of your current mood and take you to a better place.

Our mission has always been to make the best chocolate we can, available to as many people as possible. In order to grow some of the planet's best cocoa, farmers need to be paid a fair price for their crops. So it made sense, as cocoa growers ourselves, to cut out the middle men and forge direct relationships with farmers. We'll strive to do this forever, and pass the benefits on to our customers. We call it our Chocolate Democracy.

Much like wine, good chocolate reflects the flavours of the region where the cocoa beans are grown, and how they are dried and fermented. Roasted to perfection in small batches to tease out their multi-layered flavours, these beans come from six distinct cocoa-growing regions - Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, Vietnam and of course, Saint Lucia - each carefully chosen to showcase the sheer breadth of flavours possible when high-quality cocoa is treated with care.

The Casting

Our brand new range houses 20 bars, made with some of the most sought-after cocoa in the world, each priced at £3.85. The collection has something for everyone, from exceptionally creamy 45% milk to a heady 100% dark with alluring notes of leather and smoke.

Our resident chocolate sculptress, Rhona Macfadyen, set to work creating a beautiful new design that would do these cocoa beans justice. Unconstrained by pre-existing rules, Rhona was inspired by the lines of pleated fabric, folding in on itself crisply, yet allowing flexibility of movement. A unique aesthetic was developed that was both functional and beautiful. Chic and modern, the new casting epitomises cutting-edge British design. Providing a fresh approach to portion control by refuting the traditional square, each Slab is satisfyingly snappable into slim shards - the ideal way to take cocoa of such sublime depth.

Angus Thirlwell - CEO & Co-Founder


“We are immensely proud to bring these fantastic new couvertures into the heart of Hotel Chocolat. Our blueprint for sustainable cocoa growing teamed with cutting-edge British design and chocolate know-how has enabled us to submerge guests into our world of cocoa. Our new collection bridges the vast disconnect between raw agriculture and fine chocolate, marrying our expertise in both to make some of the world's best cocoa beans into chocolate that can be enjoyed every day.

Not only is the cocoa butter, milk and sugar in our new range all organic, we have used sugar as sparingly as possible. Cocoa will always be our number-one ingredient, even in milk and white chocolate. Most of the world's solid "chocolate" is laden with sugar. Flip it over and check the ingredients.”

The Chocolate


45% Milk - Ecuador

Like a warm brownie
Surrender to notes of still-warm brownie and dulce de leche.

50% Milk - Saint Lucia
Clotted cream profile
We're the first in the world to make chocolate with unblended Saint Lucian cocoa. We were so keen for you to taste it that we revived the island's cocoa economy, starting with our own estate.

55% Milk - Ghana
Lke a warm loaf, straight from the oven
We recognised the potential of these. Our small-batch love and care brought out a sophisticated taste profile.

60% Supermilk - Vietnam
Like a bowlful of cherries, smothered in cream
Supermilk: robust cocoa depth, creamy milk, less sugar than a typical dark. Highlights the tang of these Vietnamese beans.

65% Milk - Honduras
Red fruit notes give way to cocoa creaminess and a floral finish
Our chocolate democracy has liberated these beans so we can all experience their flowery, fruity character.

65% Buffalo Milk - Saint Lucia
Intensely creamy. Expressive cocoa edge
Buffalo milk lends unmatched creaminess to complex Saint Lucian cocoa.

67% Supermilk - Cienaga
Butterscotch profile. Exceptional creaminess
Supermilk: robust cocoa depth, creamy milk, less sugar than a typical dark. Heart of butterscotch, notes of caramel and apricot.

70% Supermilk - Ecuador
Creamy, roasted then citrus notes. Super-long finish
Supermilk: robust cocoa depth. Lifts the citrus freshness of these Ecuadorian beans to the fore.

75% Supermilk - Ghana
Creamy, roasted then citrus notes. Super-long finish
Supermilk: Creamy milk. Raises up the roasted notes of these single-region Ghanaian beans.

80% Supermilk - Cienaga
Roasted cocoa, creaminess: our highest-cocoa milk
Supermilk: Less sugar than a typical dark - in this case, considerably less at just 11%. Cocoa power in a velvet glove.

85% Milk - Ghana
Like warm sourdough
You won't find Ghanaian beans on the International Cocoa Organization's fine flavour list, but we recognised the potential of these beans.

DARKS - Suitable for Vegans

72% Dark - Saint Lucia

Oak-aged red wine profile
Enjoy like a glass of something full-bodied. One to unwind with.

72% Dark - Honduras
Notes of red and purple fruits
Beans from the crucible of chocolate, Central America, where the Mayans first tasted cocoa in 250AD. They didn't add milk to their "xocolatl", and we've skipped it here to elevate notes of red and purple fruits.

75% Dark - Cienaga
Notes of white-grape raisins and oak-aged Chardonnay
We love these beans, from northern Colombia where the Sierra Nevada

80% Dark - Vietnam
Punchy red fruits. Invigorating
Grown along the Mekong Delta, these beans suited a light roast: just enough to bring out their vibrant flavour.

85% Dark - Ghana
Like warm sourdough
You won't find Ghanaian beans on the International Cocoa Organization's fine flavour list, but we recognised the potential of these. Our small-batch love and care brought out a sophisticated taste profile.

85% Dark - Saint Lucia
Accents of single malt whisky
Genuinely savoury cocoa is an unusual find.This one was influenced by Saint Lucia's unique volcanic terroir.

90% Dark - Ecuador
Effortlessly mellow. Flourish of jasmine tea
A head-turner. Ecuadorian beans are usually led by notes of roasted nuts, but our 90% allows delicate floral and fruity notes to blossom.

95% Dark - Aracataca
Notes of real ale and malt.Savoury cacao heart
Rumours of a distinctive cocoa brought us to a river town in Colombia, where we learned that the only way to reach it was by donkey.We think you'll agree that it was worth the journey.

100% Dark - Saint Lucia
Like a handful of nibs. Pure cocoa power
Now multi-award winning, this Saint Lucian cocoa was in deline when we first wncountered it. Involving more than 150 local farmers in our Engaged Ethics programme gave rise to a cocoa renaissance on the island.

100% Dark - Ecuador
Savoury, mellow. Accents of leather and smoke
Savoury enough to usurp the cheese board. A natural successor to red meat or accompaniment to a full-bodied red.